Haunted Woods

Perhaps the scariest and most foreboding image in any horror fan’s mind is the landscape of the haunted woods. Towering soulless looking trees, bushy overgrowth hiding the most sinister of creatures, and above all else……the mysterious and ear-splitting howl from deep within! What could be hiding inside such a formidable forest? A den of bloodthirsty werewolves? Shapeshifters of the most sinister? Witches in gingerbread houses looking to lure unsuspecting victims to a cannibalistic death? Salvation may lie on the other side of such haunted woods, do you have what it takes to step inside and make it to the other side?

11321 Dransfeldt Road, Parker, CO 80134, USA

Reapers Hollow in Parker, Colorado is a heart pounding trek through a corn maze with lots of twists as you approach an eerie haunted shack. Read more…

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601 Princess Lane, Hiddenite, NC 28636, USA

Alice’s Story Remember “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass”?  Lovely tales for children, featuring a girl who had very strange dreams. Read more…

Horror Fields Haunted House in Sawmills, North Carolina


4270 Helena St, Sawmills, NC 28630, USA

  The Horror Fields Haunted Attraction offers families of the Hickory and surrounding areas a night of excitement they will never forget. Read more…