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2023 Guide to Haunted Houses in Every State As we embrace the season feared by many to be the darkest time of the year, there’s a switch… Read more »

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At its most basic definition, a house is a building or dwelling where a small group of people come together and live. On the surface, a house… Read more »

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Is Jeepers Creepers Real? While most horror franchises are made from tales of creepy ghosts, vampires, and imaginary monsters, Jeepers Creepers is originally based on a true… Read more »

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The Most Haunted Hotels in Each State Looking to get scared silly next time you travel? Then check out our state-by-state list of the scariest hotels in… Read more »

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The Conjuring’s Real Life Investigators: Ed and Lorraine Warren In the cold winter of 1970, the Perron family purchased a 200-acre country farmhouse in Rhode Island where… Read more »

There are several different Haunted Mansion rides at Disney theme parks worldwide. Walt Disney added the first Haunted Mansion ride to the park at Disneyland in California…. Read more »

Plenty of horror movies are coming out, but one has gotten much attention lately. Longlegs premieres in theaters on July 12, and horror fans are excited about… Read more »

The legends of Crybaby Bridges have been around for centuries. A Crybaby Bridge is a pretty general term that can apply to quite a few bridges in… Read more »

Ed and Lorraine Warren gained popularity with most people when Hollywood started creating movies based on their real-life cases. These worldwide known ghost investigators had a talent… Read more »

Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion ride is a favorite among visitors worldwide. The chilling and thrilling ride showcases the spooky ghosts and haunts alive and well at Disneyland. However,… Read more »

India is famous for being one of the world’s most sought-after travel spots. It is known to traditional travelers for its diverse culture, rich and flavorful food,… Read more »

The Conjuring movies have become one of the best horror franchises in horror movie history. Ed and Lorraine Warren were featured in most of these films, as they… Read more »

The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Is Back in 2024 Known year after year as one of America’s top Halloween haunted houses, The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor is… Read more »

Taking a trip to Italy is already special, but what if you could find the most haunted places there? This list features some of the most haunted… Read more »

The moon hangs low over the quaint village of San Cadenas, nestled amidst the rugged Spanish mountains. In the heart of this close-knit community, a chilling mystery unfolds—one… Read more »

In the heart of Michigan lies the minuscule village of Merrill. With a population of just seven hundred and seventy-eight, it’s the kind of place where everyone knows their… Read more »

Every day, we encounter numbers in various ways. They weave through our lives, playing essential roles in countless contexts. Whether spoken aloud or written down, numbers typically don’t evoke… Read more »

Horror movie fans may just be about the only people on the planet who take vacations and road trips to locations featured in some of cinema’s most… Read more »

The First Omen is the long-awaited prequel to the supernatural thriller, The Omen. The First Omen promises to take viewers on a journey to the origin story of… Read more »

The year 2024 will be a feast of fear for horror fans, as the genre unleashes a diverse and terrifying selection of films that span from original… Read more »