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AHS Hints at Season 7 Fans of FX’s American Horror Story are undeniably loyal to the anthology horror series, yet some didn’t care for AHS 6’s plot-twisting,… Read more »

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2016 Guide to the Scariest Haunted Attractions in Every State The ghouls have spoken. The undead have risen. The clowns have done that weird thing that is freaking… Read more »

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Visiting a haunted prison is creepy enough, especially one featured in many popular TV shows and movies. But that’s just the beginning. This prison also houses one of Hollywood’s… Read more »

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Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the challenger in the blue corner: Standing in at 6 feet 4 inches and hailing from Vällingby, Sweden. He barks. He bites. He’s Bill… Read more »

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Now that most of us have finished binge watching Stranger Things we can turn our attention to the much anticipated 6th season of American Horror Story. Last… Read more »

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So you haven’t quite wrapped up Game of Thrones and are only half way through Orange is the New Black. We get it. You have a lot… Read more »

Freelan O. Stanley may not be a household name for many but his technological and (inadvertent) horror contributions likely ring some bells. Following the successful sale of… Read more »

I know what you are thinking: the Super Mario Bros movie sucked! And what about the Double Dragon Movie? Surely a good video game adaptation will never… Read more »

Not only does Sinful Audio produce some of the best sound effects for movies and television, but they make haunted houses and escape rooms that much scarier…. Read more »

The infamous Amityville Horror house has been sold. The sale of the Amityville, NY home closed on February 9th, 2017. The asking price for the home was… Read more »

The teaser trailer for It Comes At Night by writer-director Trey Edward Shults will have you gasping for breath.  I almost hit my head on the monitor as I… Read more »

The production schedule for The Strangers sequel has been as on-again, off-again as Brad and Angelina, but without all the tabloid trash talking. The sequel to the… Read more »

The Haunted Attraction National Tradeshow and Conference (HAuNTcon) is an expo and conference “Designed by Haunters, for Haunters” of every age and level of experience. CLICK HERE… Read more »

It’s that time of year. I don’t think I’m building a snowman tonight.  

Please place your seat backs and tray tables in their full upright position and prepare for landing….. in HEL! Finnair landed flight AY666 in Helsinki today. Not… Read more »

Death was busy in 2016. We lost horror icon Angus Scrimm, boxing legend Muhammad Ali, musical geniuses David Bowie, Prince, and George Michael. And then Princess Leia… The… Read more »

A Father’s Shoes are Hard to Fill… But Max Landis hopes to do just that, with his upcoming adaptation of his father’s cult classic, An American Werewolf… Read more »

Is Hopper being forced to work for the diabolical Dr. Brenner? Is part of Will still trapped in the Upside Down? Where is Eleven and will she… Read more »

Indiana Top Haunt: Indy Scream Park Six Attractions For The Price Of One Last year’s runner up, the Indy Scream Park in Anderson has been voted one of America’s… Read more »

Wyoming Top Haunt: Nightmare on 17th St Sweet Dreams Are Not Made Of These For the second year in a row, Nightmare on 17th Street takes the top… Read more »