Haunted Places in Alabama

SWEET HOME……APPARITION? Despite being discovered by both the Spanish and European explorers, Alabama was not an official state until 1819. However despite being formally late in terms of statehood, the “Heart of Dixie” shouldn’t be dismissed as empty of paranormal and supernatural activity.

There’s the Sloss Furnaces of Birmingham which not only contain the spirits of former workers who appear there but also was chronicled by the Fox television channel as one of the scariest places on Earth!

The old Lucas Tavern in Montgomery dates all the way back to the 1820s, in which the original owner Eliza Lucas has been known to appear on the tavern grounds. The Saint James hotel in Selma has a sordid history dating all the way back to the Civil War era, with one of the more noticed apparitions is none other than infamous gang leader and cut-throat, the outlaw Jesse James!

Out of the cities and off the beaten path is Highway 5 in the small town of Lynn. Local oral legends tell of a woman who was killed by a passing truck on this long, lonely stretch of road. Her spirit is said to appear walking down the road late at night, often waving at passing vehicles. The appearance of her ghost is so terrifying, many truck drivers are scared and go out of their way to nearby Highway 13, just so as to avoid the haunted road.

Alabama is indeed a Southern state with lots of ghosts who still make their presences known to this day.