Haunted Places in Alaska

Alaska is the largest state in the union and nicknamed The Last Frontier for a reason, as it is geographically remote and still very largely unexplored. It’s commonplace to have to take a small plane or ferry just to travel to other parts of the state as no roads are able to exist in such areas. Still, with such remoteness, its isolation is also what makes it so scary.

Hotel Captain Hook is one of the most popular paranormal destinations in the state, with the infamously terrifying "Lady In White" who makes her ghostly presence known in various supernatural ways.

Whittier, Alaska has barely two hundred residents and a large portion live in the haunted Begich Towers, making it nearly impossible to avoid the paranormal such as the “Strolling Ghost” who has a foothold there. The abandoned Jesse Lee Home was once a haven for orphans lost to the snowy frontiers, yet is now abandoned giving way to EVP’s (electronic voice phenomena) of chilling clarity.

Haunts vary from the sorrowful moaning spirit haunting the Nightmute High School, to the deadly Badarka Road and its array of centuries-old spirits littered on the roadway. Alaska is a state that takes one’s breath away with both its spectacular geographical beauty and the many sightings of restless spirits who roam there.