Haunted Places in Arkansas

Arkansas officially refers to itself as “The Natural State”, but given the amount of richly diverse paranormal activity there it should instead call itself “The Super-Natural State”. This landlocked geographical marvel borders six southern states and all seem to lend a hand creating a mythologically rich tale of ghosts, monsters, and everything that involves the unknown.

The 1886 Crescent Hotel has some of the most remarkable and documented paranormal activity that the area of Eureka Springs has ever seen.  Away to the capital city of Little Rock, where the Little Empress Bed & Breakfast has the spirit of a regal ghost who glides throughout in a topcoat and tails.  

The border town of Texarkana has plenty of history associated with the Texarkana Phantom Slayer who helped many of the neighboring towns dread sundown. To the north of the state are the Ozarks, which are chock full of spirit activity that makes nighttime visits to the area a most uneasy one.  Cross past haunted Highway 365 which has an infamous spirit of a deceased hitchhiker who is forever looking for that last ride home. 

If its a creature you’re after, you’ll find no other that the legendary Fouke Monster of Miller County.  Described as an eight foot tall hominid-like creature of terrifying appearance who still to this day has been forever encountered but never captured.  This unassuming southern state is an absolute must visit for paranormal thrillseekers