Haunted Places in Connecticut

Looking for a “wicked” time? Look no further than Connecticut. This southernmost New England state is one of the oldest in the Union and absolutely jam-packed with a haunted history like no other.

New Haven may contain the prestigious Yale University, but it also contains the infamous Midnight Mary. A terrifying urban legend of a local woman buried alive in the 1800s, her spirit is said to haunt the sprawling Evergreen Cemetery. Her tombstone on site reads, "The people shall be troubled at midnight and pass away”. It has become a paranormal magnet for those looking to prowl the cemetery at night with dark intentions.

Miles east in Preston, the Norwich State Hospital housed thousands of criminally insane patients who lived, died, and actively haunt the abandoned property with reckless abandon. Haunting in Connecticut? Southington is the site of the notorious funeral home turned house that was responsible for unimaginable demonic activity.

Guess who lives in the town of Monroe. None other than famed paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren. Both she and her husband Ed used this as a base of operations for all their investigations and to this day she still owns and operates the Occult Museum which contains the world’s most haunted and fiendishly terrifying artifacts!