Haunted Places in Delaware

One of the original 13 Colonies founded in the early days of the United States as well as the second smallest state in the union, Delaware is a very unique state. Situated on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Delaware has had unfathomable numbers of residents and visitors over the centuries, some of whom still reside there!

The two hundred and six-year-old Fort Delaware still stands to this day and harbors plenty of Civil War era ghosts which make this the most popular paranormal destination in the state. Don’t let the state be defined by just one fort, the Cooch Bridge Battlefield in Delaware dates back to George Washington’s time, in fact, he oversaw an ambush on British soldiers which are still said to haunt the land.

Rowdy spirits have haunted the Dead President’s Tavern in Wilmington for decades and is said to be so intense that even those who aren’t paranormal investigators are said to easily pick up on the supernatural atmosphere the tavern holds.

The seaside hamlet of Lewes is home to a haunted beach where specters of Colonial-era soldiers and mysterious ships have been seen by many passing through. The size of Delaware may be the smallest around, but it is definitely big on frightening haunts.