Haunted Places in Kansas

Tornado warnings are not the only heads up residents and visitors of this classic Midwestern state need. Supernatural warnings should be headed throughout parts of Kansas thanks in part to history, mystery, and the paranormal.

East of Topeka in Douglas County is the haunted Stull Cemetery. Local legends claim that witches were hanged there from a longstanding pine tree in the eighteenth century. On the property is a dilapidated stone church that has fallen to ruins and contains a descending length of stone steps that legends also claim opens up as a gate to Hell!

North in the state to the small town of Atchison is the notorious Heartland Ghost house that has been thoroughly documented by paranormal groups as home to the spirit of a young girl who has a penchant for scratching people until the blood shows.

The Beaumont Hotel resides in the tiny town of Beaumont where whispering voices and unexplained apparitions from the days of stages coaches still appear to some. Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery is the final resting place for physical bodies, but not their spirits!

Centuries worth of deceased soldiers are still said to appear and stroll between the simple white headstones. The spirits here are numerous and left over from the infamous, “Bloody Kansas” uprisings. Don’t let the flat plains fool you, Kansas definitely has its share of haunts.