Haunted Places in Maryland

“The boundaries which divide life from death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends and where the other begins?” True words have never been spoken by Maryland’s most dark and deeply maddened author, Edgar Allan Poe.

Inside Baltimore is the Lord Baltimore Hotel is one such place where the living and the spirit world interact. While the random spirit is seen by guests, the 19th floor is said to be the most haunted. It is not uncommon for a guest in the elevator to have it mysteriously go to the 19th floor without commanding it, only to perhaps see a young girl’s ghost in a white dress. South of Baltimore, travelers pass through Bowie and learn to stay off Fletchertown Road as the lurking Goat Man creature has been spotted over the decades leering at the passerby.

Just west, you find the Glenn Dale Hospital that housed both mentally and physically ill adults and children. Here rumored controversial treatment methods were used and even though closed decades ago, visitors to its remains claim to smell burning flesh. Full circle back to Poe’s much-visited grave in Baltimore, for years, a figure dressed in black clothing with a wide brim hat, would pour a glass of cognac at Poe’s grave and disappear into the night. Visitor? Phantom? Grim Reaper? The supernatural mysteries are quite active in Maryland.