Haunted Places in Minnesota

Minnesota the Land of 10,000 Screams! Home to more than just bodies of water, Minnesota is surprisingly one of the most haunted states in the country that very few people know about. At the back end of the Mississippi River in Saint Paul, the Wabasha Street Caves are literally carved into the sandstone just off the shores and fashioned into an event hall. Four murdered gangsters during the Prohibition Era are said to haunt the confines of this popular hangout to this day.

If exquisitely small and haunted amphitheaters are your game, the Tyrone Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis has plenty to offer as the spirit of a former usher still roams the aisles looking to keep guests in check from the other side. The infamous Griggs Mansion near Saint Paul has more to it than just a gorgeous four story Victorian sandstone appearance. On the inside, men, women, and child spirits haunt the place with near constant manifestations.

Lake Pepin near the state line is reportedly home to the Pepin Monster, a mysterious serpent creature of considerable size that has sightings dated all the way back to the eighteenth century by Native American tribes. Minnesota may be cold on weather, but it’s definitely hot on the supernatural.