Haunted Houses, Casinos, and more in Nevada

Gambling isn't the only pastime in Nevada. You can also add ghost hunting to the list. Many casinos in and around Las Vegas are known for their hauntings, perhaps by spirits with more than gambling debts to pay. Most famously, at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino, the ghost of legendary mobster and Flamingo founder Bugsy Siegel has been seen throughout the building and especially around the pool. Even after death he continues to scare people.

There are also many ghost towns and abandoned mining camps across the Silver State where foul deeds occurred as miners searched for gold, silver, lead, and various gems. At many of these the troubled spirits of murdered prospectors and double-crossed partners are still trying to find the fortunes that eluded them in life. If you look in the right place you may uncover one of them for yourself.

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