Haunted Places in New Jersey

HOW YOU DOIN!?! Any visitor to the state of New Jersey will find that the people who live there are larger than life characters, always talking and always with a story to tell…..even ones of the paranormal variety.

Settled by Dutch and other European explorers in the 1600s, New Jersey was finally admitted to the Union in 1787. Centuries worth of inhabitants who have lived and died in the Garden State have led to some very unexplained paranormal and supernatural areas.

There’s the Shades of Death Road inside Warren County, where many of those deceased inhabitants still roam as many people report ghostly apparitions in period dress who walk in the moonlight on the road, that even has reported orb activity. Trenton Psychiatric hospital has long been closed, but stories of a mad doctor who removed patients internal organs as a way of curing mental illness is terrifying in every possible way. Atlantic City on the coast held a bevy of Prohibition Era gangsters, the spirits of some that visitors claim can be seen late at night both on and underneath the infamous Boardwalk. The most mysterious area of the state is the Pine Barrens, a sprawling 1.1 million acre forestland that is both largely unexplored and said to be home to the infamous Jersey Devil!

New Jersey has both the history and legends to make it one very spooky state.