Haunted Places in New Mexico

Roswell aliens aren’t the only unexplained thing going down in the great southwestern state of New Mexico. Since it was first explored in the sixteenth century, New Mexico has had plenty of inhabitants to come and go…..and stay. Looking for those long lost ghost towns that were once brimming with wild cowboys? New Mexico is home to more ghost towns of this nature than any other state.

The town of Golden was a hub for the gold mining adventures in the 1800s and at times, the faded spirits of the prospectors will peak from around the ruined buildings. The Urraca Mesa area of the Philmont Boy Scout Ranch is the perfect place for a campfire story coming to life. Legend has it that the area was labeled by ancient Native Americans tribes as the ground where the portal to a realm of demons exists.

The old Dona Ana County Courthouse and Jail is a Las Cruces testament to the paranormal with shadow person sightings, cold spots, and feelings of dread. The El Rancho Hotel off of Route 66(6), is a fantastic window into both the celebrity western stars of yesteryear, as well as their spiritual counterparts. A Visit to the Land of Enchantment is a visit all paranormal thrill seekers must make.