Haunted Places in New York

New York. Just those two simple words and people envision the state’s sprawling metropolis of New York City. A city that never claims to sleep and neither do the ghosts! But is New York City the only part of the state that has an abundance of paranormal activity? The city may only be 300 square miles, but the rest of the state is a sizable 51,555 square miles, and that’s a lot of scary territory to cover!

The Rolling Hills Asylum in East Bethany was built in 1826, serving as a place for the mentally ill to receive treatment. In fact, a large amount of the patients still live there, all 17,000 of them in unmarked graves still on the property that’s bursting with both EMF and EVP activity.

Landmark Theater in Syracuse is home to the ghost of an actress who still makes appearances on the balcony with incredible regularity. The Buffalo Central Terminal Station in Buffalo has long stopped running train service, but this eerie building hasn’t stopped paranormal groups from encountering the many ghosts there at night.

The most infamous of all needs no explanation and is the Amityville House out on Long Island that still stands on Ocean Avenue. New York might just be the most haunted state in the entire United States!