Paranormal Activity and Haunted Houses in North Carolina

North Carolina is a sweeping state with the Appalachian mountains in the west, plateaus in the middle, and the Atlantic coastal plains and coast to the east. Founded in 1653 by colonists from Virginia, the state has a long history and played host to several Revolutionary and Civil War plotlines. This history helps paint a landscape that plays host to several paranormal stories. It's not just the paranormal however, the haunted house attractions in NC are some of the best in the nation, starting with Greensboro's Woods of Terror and the Darkside Haunted Estates in Middlesex.

Valle Crucis is home to the Demon Dog, a hellish black furred animal that has been known to prowl about the many back roads with its frightening appearance and glowing red eyes. Over in Hot Springs near Paint Rock Creek, the spirit of a Cherokee woman singing is said to have lured curious explorers to their death as they drown trying to reach out to her in the water, all while being tempted by her song.

The Chateauesque style mansion know as the Biltmore Estate stands proudly on 125,000 supernaturally active acres. The original owners of George and Edith Vanderbilt’s spirits roam throughout the estate with their favorite being the library where visitors claim to hear their voices at odd times talking to one another.

Up from the Cape Fear River out on the coast, Wilmington has been haunted for centuries. The legendary Fort Fisher is said to be haunted with the souls of Civil War soldiers, including one who is accompanied by a strange mist when appearing. For the supernatural, the infamous "tar heel" properties seem to be working well at keeping its ghostly inhabitants there.