Haunted Houses in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has plenty to offer scare seekers of all kinds. There are many haunted attractions operating year round, including the Trail of Fear Scream Park in Lawton, the largest haunted attraction in the state. Those seeking less theatrical frights have even more possessed places to choose from. This is partly because Oklahoma has a long history of ghost stories that keeps spooky and unexplained events alive in the public’s imagination. These tales revolve around paranormal activities ranging from Bigfoot and “monster” sightings in the woods to the haunted histories of many abandoned houses, hospitals, and schools dotting the state.

There’s even a hill where people have reported having their parked cars pushed around by an unseen, eerie force. Is it a magnetic disturbance, or something more sinister? After all, several people were hung on the site decades ago and their tortured ghosts may still be seeking a way home. Drive there and see for yourself – though we don’t recommend you do so alone.

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