Haunted Places in Pennsylvania

One of the oldest states in the union, Pennsylvania definitely has some age-old spirits lurking around. The Betsy Ross house in Philadelphia is a solid haunt to visit. The famed designer of what became the American flag is said to haunt the basement area with shrieking cries so disturbing one former visitor climbed out a window to escape as quickly as possible!

Travel west to Gettysburg, site of one of the bloodiest battles in Civil War history, where disembodied soldier spirits and lone battle cries still can be seen and heard. Out in West Sitton is the infamous Smurl House, the site of the most demonically challenged home in the entire state that was fully investigated by the Warrens.

Move back across the state towards Philadelphia and one will pass the terrifying Eastern State Penitentiary. Formed in the 1800s, the now crumbling walls have housed some of the worst criminals to ever exist. The favorite correction method was to put sacks over the heads of offenders who disobeyed the rules and today it comes as no surprise that visitors see these same long-dead spirits still with these terrifying hoods!

Pennsylvania’s rich history contributes to its paranormal reputation and does not disappoint.