Haunted Places in Vermont

Vermont has perhaps the most beautiful foliage and scenery of any New England area state. Picturesque to almost a fault, this panoramic landscape changes as the sun goes down because underneath it all is a very supernaturally active state. In Burlington at the University of Vermont, there are many haunted areas, such as Converse Hall where a student was electrocuted in the 90s. Today, his spirit is known to cause unexplainable electrical interference everywhere in the Hall.

The Grasse Mount Alumni House on campus has an entity that not only opens and closes the doors at random but has been known to lock them from the inside. Near the Summer Falls out in Hartland, a mysterious black shape has been seen down near the water’s edge as legend suggests it has been responsible for drownings over the years. If that weren’t terrifying enough, this entity also canvases the local trails at night as well!

The Old Barlowe Street School over in St. Albans has a dark history as a former groundskeeper died there during the 1920s. His restless spirit has caused not only vicious cold spots at the now standing venue house, but also has been known to open a window so many times that even when nailed shut, his spirit still opens it! Finally to Lake Champlain, the home of Champ, the Americanized version of the Loch Ness Monster that is said to lurk deep within the murky waters. Vermont may be small on size, but it’s certainly big on the haunts.