Haunted Places in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has more than just dairy cows and cheese wheels occupying space in this cold midwestern state. Historians believe that sometime between 1000-1500 CE, the area was populated with many nomadic trading cultures. Through the centuries, many traders and explorers carved their way through, but some still remain in spirit form.

Keeping up with the explorer tradition, Boy Scout Lane in Stevens Point is one of the most haunted in the entire state. This lonely patch of backroad was the site of a disappearance of a scouting troop in the 1940s, never to be found again. Reports to this day of mysterious figures serving as haunted forest guides to the lost, as well as being watched on hikes by apparitions.

The Grand Opera House of Oshkosh has a paranormal history all its own. This opulent performance house not only is graced with the ghost of a former stage manager, but a slew of other mysterious apparitions have been seen by theatergoers and stagehands.

Pass through Rosendale, but don’t take Callan Road, otherwise known as the “Witch’s Road”. Dark twisted overhanging tree limbs shadow the lonely road where decades of motorists claim to have seen a witch wondering the roadside and nearby woods.

The Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee is said to be haunted by the original owner, who enjoys overseeing the hotel operations to this day, especially from a most haunted 9th floor. Wisconsin and its haunts are a must visit so enter if you dare.