Haunted Places in Arizona

There is something deeply haunting about the wide, arid expanse of a desert. Lacking views in humanity and civilization, its emptiness brings a sense of being alone that can unnerve even the most hardened personality. Arizona is quite the desert state with nearly fifty percent of it covered with completely barren land. uch harrowing geographic views are deceiving as this centuries-old territory dates back to recorded encounters with people into the mid-1500s.

This historical town of Tombstone is home to the Bird Cage theatre which has reached legendary status for its paranormal sightings. Areas surrounding Tombstone and other hotspots like the towns of Bisbee and Douglas, holding the spirits of gunslingers from the great era of wanted cowboys and the lawmen who pursued them.

Fort Huachuca houses civilians over a former military hospital that has given way to ghostly sightings. Perhaps the most haunted city in the state being Tucson which holds among other things, a cave system that not even the most veteran supernatural spelunker would dare enter alone. More than just lonely roads with sparse cacti, the million deep stars at night cast an eerie pall over the desert silence, making Arizona the perfect state to visit for genuine Southwestern haunts.