Between Los Angles and less than thirty minutes to the Mexican border of Tijuana, San Diego is one of the southernmost haunted cities on the entire West Coast.  The U.S. Grant Hotel is a lavish historical prize of the city, but for those (un)fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the paranormal activity up on the 5th floor, they’ve run screaming to the front desk demanding a room change!  The Whaley House is a once charming dwelling that’s since become a historical ode to the supernatural.  Its hauntings are so chronicled that even the United States Commerce Department has it officially registered on its information rolls as a haunted house. Hotel Del Coronado is a luxury resort to check out if you wish to see spirits knock souvenirs off gift shop shelves in broad daylight!  But for the haunted attraction lover in us all, the ghoulish outdoor splendor of the Haunted Trail at Balboa Park or even Scotty’s Scare Trail are absolute must-do visits when looking for a ghostly good time in San Diego.