Real Haunted Houses in California

Haunted HollywoodFrights, camera, action! Established in 1850, California is the most populated state in the US... for the living and for the dead. With a rich history and diverse landscape, California is the setting of a wide range of ghostly activity from ghost ships to haunted missions, gold mines, and even a haunted coastline and highway. The eerie glitz and glamour of a Haunted Hollywood especially add to the macabre as many celebrity ghost sightings have been reported throughout the Golden State. The ghost of John Belushi is said to haunt the Chateau Marmont where he tragically met his end. Even the Hollywood sign is known for its share of ghostly sightings. The happiest place on Earth doesn't go without its ghastly stories. Many have said that Disneyland is haunted by the spirits of its victims. Even the specter of Walt Disney himself has been said to haunt the halls of the magical kingdom. Is there more to the history of the haunted mansion? When you get enough of California's real spooks, consider Cali's haunted attractions. In a state known for its special effects studios and artists, you're guaranteed to find the right frights for you. California Screamin', indeed.