Haunted Houses in Idaho

Cemeteries are often associated with ghost sightings, but Idaho has an abundance of such cases, particularly for a state with a relatively small population. Several of these are located far off the beaten path, making them extra creepy. But if you’re looking for something less solitary, Idaho also has many haunted houses and ghost tours in the Boise area. One is the tour of the infamous Idaho State Penitentiary where several spirits are serving afterlife sentences without parole.

Or perhaps there’s just something spooky in the water in Idaho. Literally. On one body of water – appropriately called Spirit Lake – there have been multiple sightings of the ghost of a drowned Indian girl who’s been seen paddling a canoe in a white dress. At Lake Waha, near Lewiston, locals have seen another Indian woman walking along the lakeshore. Some have even witnessed her walking directly into the lake, creating a small whirlpool that pulls her under the surface.

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