Haunted Places in Iowa

On the surface, Iowa may be the state that has flattened farms of massive corn production, but when the sun goes does, it hides some far more sinister and supernatural elements.

The Villisca Axe Murder House is the location of one of the most horrific and unsolved true crimes in the United States. Independence State Mental Hospital ranks high on the fear factor as it housed decades worth of mentally insane patients who lived and died on the property and where current workers today openly refuse to service some portions of the building alone due to the paranormal activity.

Iowa State University is high on both academia and haunts. Located in the sleepy little city of Ames, Iowa State has four haunted halls on campus, as well as dormitory and theatre center where the original director's wheelchairs once creepily rolled out to a dead stop on center stage!

The Van Meter Monster has lurked for decades in this town west of Des Moines. Resembling the appearance of a gargoyle, this terrifying and often spotted creature even once made local news headlines in 1903. So next time that eerie stillness in the cornfield rows is disturbed, it may be man, animal, or an absolute monster.