Haunted Places in Missouri

The don’t call Missouri the “Show Me” state for nothing. If you want to be shown a downright scary and terrifying blend of ghosts, folklore, and haunts look no further than a state the borders both the almost mythical Ozarks and long traveled Mississippi River.

The capital of Jefferson City has the historic Governor’s Mansion that’s haunted with the playful child spirit of the inaugural home’s governor from 1872 who makes her presence known by smiling and leaving as quickly as she appears.

The area of Kearny is famous for a patch of farmland that belonged to the infamous Jesse and Frank James of outlaw fame. The farm and house were sites of many destructive behaviors in the late Civil War area with phantom gunshots being heard in the present times today.

The Screaming House of Union is still on the quiet rural road in which it has caused so much havoc. A demonic presence that terrorized the LeChance Family has been document as one of the most paranormally active sites in the entire state. Wayne Township is home to the Serpent of Mud Lake, who was documented in the late nineteenth century as attacking fisherman.

So does Missouri have a lot to show? Oh yes it does….