Haunted Houses in Ohio

Ohio is home to many famous haunted places, including the Ohio State Reformatory (aka Mansfield Reformatory), one of the most notorious haunts in the entire U.S. as well as the setting for the movie The Shawshank Redemption. The state also has an unusual number of supernatural occurrences and sightings around bridges. These range from the macabre to the bizarre, and involve murders, suicides, car crashes, babies flung into the water, and even a strange lizard-like child seen crawling the banks of the Miami River near the town of Loveland.

Another notorious site is Hell Town (sounds quaint, doesn’t it?). Formally known as Boston Mills, the original residents were forced to abandon the town when the area became a national park. But they didn’t go willingly – and some say they never left at all. The creepy legends about the place feature mutated humans, ghost children, satanic worship, and a host of terrifying events. But what else would you expect from a place called Hell Town?

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