Real Haunted Houses in South Carolina

Don’t let the beauty of the Palmetto State fool you. There is plenty to be scared of when it comes to haunts and paranormal activity in South Carolina. Charleston is a great starting point for any paranormal exploration, with many haunts in a small geographic area. But, there are many haunted locations from cemeteries, plantations and inns all around the state to get your heart racing.

In Charleston, no tour is complete without going to the Old Charleston Jail, widely considered to be the most haunted location in the state. A working prison from 1802-1939, it housed many of the most notorious criminals in the south, from 19th century pirates, civil war criminals and the infamous Lavinia Fisher. Mrs. Fisher is widely considered the first woman hanged in the country. Lavinia, convicted of murder along with her husband is quoted as saying before her public execution “If any of you have a message for the devil, say it now for I shall see him in a moment”. She then threw her body off the stage and hanged herself, beating the executioner to it.

Alice Flagg is another South Carolina celebrity ghost. It is said that her apparition is often seen walking from the porch of The Hermitage (a private residence) to All Saints Cemetery, all the while looking for the engagement ring from her beloved that she was forbidden from marrying before her untimely death.

A state steeped in history, South Carolina has a plethora of haunts. Seafaring, slavery and The Civil War have provided enough paranormal activity to give even the most seasoned ghost hunter pause. Are you ready?