Haunted Places in Tennessee

Tennessee is a good ole Southern state with good ole Southern values. Steeped richly in sweeping valleys, rolling hills, and mountain tops, the Volunteer state is one graced with a rich history that informally dates all the way back to the 1600s. Country music galore, southern food, and Jack Daniels make this landlocked state something of a fun time destination draw for visitors to the state. With such a lengthy history, the sheer number of paranormal and supernatural haunts is almost legendary.

The Bell Witch of Robertson County who cursed the nearby landowners into certain doom and whose black magic cave still exists today. Abandoned state prisons like Tennessee State Prison and Brushy Mountain that not only still stand, but according to paranormal groups are still active with the imprisoned ghosts of the very criminals they once housed. The terrifying South Pittsburg Hospital that is so eerie and disturbing that not even hardened police officers dare enter alone, especially at night!

Nashville is the most populous city in the state for country music fans….and the ghosts of country music’s past. The Grand Ole Opry is haunted to this day with a gray specter that floats through the auditorium by day and by night. So grab a glass of sweet tea, sit back, dim the lights and prepare to be scared!