Haunted Places in Indiana

When a state has a town officially named Gnaw Bone, you just know that you’re in a supernatural state. While no township by the name of Eerie is found here, there is plenty about Indiana that brings out the creepy and weird full force.

This Midwestern state is nicknamed the “Crossroads of America” and it’s only fitting to learn of such haunted roadways.

The Haunted Bridge of Avon has no official date of construction and some date it post Civil War era, and that might explain the eerie sounds of the bridge’s victims who have leaped to their deaths that can still be heard today. South Bend is famous for Notre Dame, and it’s on the very campus where Washington Hall is haunted by one of the most famous players of them all, nicknamed “the Gipper”. Doors that slam and lights flicker at all hours of the day even when there’s not a football game on campus.

Head over to Evansville and at the Willard Library you’re likely to come across the Grey Lady, a haunting specter in period dress that is said to have died in the library soon after it was built and to this day is responsible for the cold spots and the occasional misplaced book. No longer standing, but a quick drive up to Gary and the foundational remains of the notoriously haunted Ammons House is still on the block. Famously known for one of the possessed children walking backward up a hospital room wall!

Indiana has more going for it supernaturally than a lot of other states and is well worth a look.