Haunted Places in Kentucky

The fertile soils in the Bluegrass State of Kentucky have grown their share of both crops and the supernatural above ground as well as below. Mammoth Cave National Park is the longest cave system in the entire world. Still largely unexplored it is reputed that guests to the park have seen startling apparitions of all types as well as mysterious sights and sounds. Is the darkness playing to their imaginations or hiding something sinister?

Louisville contains the notorious Waverly Hills Asylum that might just be the most malevolently haunted building in the South with stories of feeling an overwhelming sense of dread upon entering are commonplace. At Morehead State University several halls are haunted with the busiest being Waterfield Hall, where a troublesome spirit making studying difficult as the lights are flickered on and off with an otherworldly frustration.

Perry County’s geographical limits can barely contain all the supernatural elements possessed within it. Raccoon Creek Road has had years of sightings of a ghostly apparition with a most unexplainable green color to it.

The Old Miner’s Hospital has been absorbed into a modern-day hospital system with a medical office that’s part of the University of Kentucky in which phantom voices and black shapes have been known to manifest.

The area of Tunnel Hill consists of an abandoned tunnel system that’s below an above-ground cemetery where thrillseekers have claimed to have been chased away by both unseen forces and black shapes. Bourbon may be a favorite of the Kentucky Derby, but haunts are the favorite of many spirits here.