Haunted Houses in Louisiana

Louisiana is a state with paranormal and supernatural overload. Centuries of explorers, warmongers, voodoo priests, cut-throats, thieves, witches, businessmen, indigenous peoples, and backwoods clergy from all nationalities and walks of life have come together to make this state the epitome of a paranormal state if one such were ever to be fully recognized.

This blend of Cajun netherworld practitioners is headquartered in none other than the populous city of New Orleans, where many residents and visitors claim that there is something so deeply spiritual about the city that one is intoxicated by its many supernatural charms. The most famous and haunted cemeteries in North America are home there in New Orleans, which have so much activity to them that often most of them are closed at dusk.

No other place will you find people who claim to be vampires in the flesh or voodoo enthusiasts within such a small distance of the centuries-old St. Louis Cathedral. The atmosphere of creepiness only increases the further out from the city, as you approach the desolate swamps and bayous scattered throughout the state. One such area is said to be home to the frightening Louisiana Bayou Werewolf who stalks its prey with terrifying intent. This melting pot of soulful supernatural atmosphere and the paranormal could not be more of a perfect fit for this Gulf state.