New Orleans is simply magic.  The city itself wasn’t built upon any ceremonial burial ground, residual black magic energy, or even a dimensional portal.  No, its supernatural prowess comes from a steady boil of over three hundred years from which voodoo, Caribbean magic, soul, cutthroat pirates, gamblers, booze, and vampires have all converged into one spot. LaLaurie Mansion is a historical serial murder house sure to leave anyone’s blood running cold after a visit. Even the much-needed sunlight won’t entirely protect you after visiting the gothically and paranormally haunted graveyards such as St. Louis Cemetery No 1 or Saint Roch Cemetery.  If all the frights have you seeking a drink, Pat O’Briens or the Old Absinthe House are likely to leave you quenched and possibly quaking in your boots if you come across a ghostly spirit of the past.  And if those are all too much, the local haunted attraction called The Mortuary is so convincingly real you’d think it was genuine paranormal activity in the flesh!