Haunted Places in Nebraska

Nebraska is a common midwestern state that produces lots of corn….and terror!

This totally unassuming state has plenty of paranormal and supernatural scares within it. Seven Sisters Road near Nebraska City is the most haunted stretch of road in the state. The terrifying legend is that a man hanged seven sisters all down the roadway and to this day, people traveling experience car trouble and the ghostly sight of the hanging sisters in the moonlight!

The shivers continue in Decatur at Blackbird Hill where a Native American war chief haunts the hillside along with a duo of spirits at the bottom near the river where their death cries are still heard. The Warrens may have their haunted museum in Connecticut, but for those unable to make the trip to New England, the Museum of Shadows in Plattsmouth can suffice. Chock full of haunted and cursed objects from all over the countries, visitors can look, but certainly not touch. For those in need, the museum curators offer a space for any object that you may believe might be haunting your own home.

Nebraska is a definite stopover for any supernatural or paranormal enthusiast.