Haunted Places in Virginia

Documented with settlers from as far back as the 1500s, Virginia is a state with an unbelievable amount of history and haunts.

Thirsty for a fright? Gadsby’s Tavern Museum in Alexandria can serve it up as this multistory 18th Century brick building is home to a restless female spirit that’s been seen over the centuries floating between the walls!

Bacon’s Castle in Surry (of Bacon’s Rebellion fame) is thought to be the oldest dwelling in the state where disembodied voices, as well as heads, have been seen by visitors over the years. Out to Chesapeake Bay to Gloucester are the Roswell Ruins, where the burned out remains of a once grand mansion stand and are reputed to have the specter of a lady in grey who glides down the stairs in the evening times. The Virginia Military Institute in Lexington is a haunted college with a bevy of statutes including one labeled as “Virginia Mourning Her Dead” that students claim has cried tears over the years for her fallen cadets who perished in battle.

Virginia is a historical hotspot for paranormal activity.