The state of Texas is a supremely haunted place, and what better city to notch first on that paranormal enthusiast belt than Dallas?  The Adolphus Hotel may be big on lavish sights, but it is even bigger on paranormal sounds. Grand piano music and even loud, boisterous marching band music that seems to emanate straight out of nowhere has frightened many a guest staying there.  Frightful stomping, running, and wall pounding episodes are just some of the other included haunts at this ghostly crowdpleaser.  If working up an appetite ghost hunting, Snuffer’s Restaurant is sure to fill the void as its location is said to house a black shadow figure that has been known to play with the overhead lights so much that even a non-believing owner eventually confessed that all the activity changed his mind. Just like everything in Texas, bigger is better and if looking for haunted attractions, nobody does it better than Dallas.  Cutting Edge Haunted House is not only the largest attraction is Dallas, but also in the state of Texas.  In fact, Cutting Edge is so bloodcurdlingly scary that it also holds two Guinness World Records!  Ultra 4K HD and Broadway-Esque are words you don’t normally hear in conjunction with a haunted attraction, but Dark Hour in Dallas is a surround sound experience in pure terror that you’re never going to forget.  Dallas does everything big…including the ghosts!