Haunted Places in Washington State

Washington State is steeped in haunted history. From possessed parks to creepy underground tunnels to hotels with spirits as permanent guests, there are many haunted attractions to visit in Washington. Some areas, such as Seattle and Tacoma, have high concentrations of haunted houses, ghost tours, and scary sightings. Other ghosts prefer more rural places such as the old Starvation Heights Sanatorium in out-of-the-way Ollala, where patients (or more appropriately, victims) were subjected to “therapeutic fasting” (read: starvation) and other gruesome methods. The story of this infamous place and its murderous doctor was even made into a play. Elsewhere, there’s a life-size replica of Stonehenge near the Columbia River that attracts those seeking supernatural contact with spirits during the solstice.

Some ghosts in Washington go much further back. Native Americans have lived in the area for more than 10,000 years according to archaeological records, and some of that history is downright eerie. Ghost sightings of Indians are regularly seen at haunted burial grounds across the state as well as old forts, many hotels, and even the University of Washington.

There are plenty of ways to get your chills and thrills in the Evergreen State. Start your spooky exploration below.