Seattle is anything but a rainy city in the Pacific Northwest, and in fact, it is one helluva haunted place. If you want history, half an hour south of the city is the notorious and absolutely bone-chilling Old Western State Mental Hospital in Lakewood.  The Hotel Andra in the heart of the city is a place so haunted that guests have been known to see objects not only levitate mid-air but also mysteriously hurl themselves at the wall!  The Bothell Hell House is one of the newest area paranormal real-life hauntings where the frights are being chronicled and documented at an alarming rate.  If you want to feel the frightening fun of haunted attractions, Georgetown Manor has been rated as one of the Top Haunts of Frightfind!  And if you need that indoor/outdoor haunted attraction dual-threat, The Nile Nightmares Haunted House in Mountlake Terrace is just what the ghost doctor ordered!