American River Inn

Georgetown, CA   /   1 Review

6600 Orleans St, Georgetown, CA 95634, USA

This haunt is in need of information. Why is it here? We've had reports that this location is indeed haunted. Our specter crew has this haunt in processing and will be updating its information shortly. If you have a story related to this location, please share it with us below or contact us.

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One Review

  1. Lisa

    6th sense. That’s what I call it. Not many people know I have this type of clairvoyance (please don’t call it ‘psychic’) but I feel compelled to share what happened today.
    I’m in Georgetown with my husband, bff and our kids. We decide to go into The American River Inn, an old hotel they say is haunted. We get to the door and they’re closed however, as we walk away, a nice lady who works there heard us outside so she invites us in to tour. We take a look in some of the gorgeous rooms, including the famous ‘haunted’ room 5 and then as we are leaving we hear commotion upstairs. I don’t want to say exactly what the commotion is as it has to do with an employee there and I don’t have her permission to say what happened to her but what did happen to her happened in room 14 on floor 3. I then ask another employee if I can go take a look in room 14, with a quick explanation of my ‘gift’ (or as I call it, a ‘curse’). Everyone else pretty much hides downstairs. I quickly walk up the first flight of stairs, no fear. I reach the second flight of stairs to the third floor and feel a bit anxious. I walk into room 14 and it hits me little by little. My breathing is getting worse. The only way I can explain it is a feeling of my chest being filled with cotton, like suffocating from this inside out. I feel like I need an inhaler or oxygen. It’s getting worse as my heart begins to beat so fast and hard, like it’s coming out of my chest. I can hear my heart beat and I can feel the pulse points in my wrist throbbing. My arms weaken and then my legs. I feel like I just ran up flights upon flights of stairs as fast as I could. My legs started shaking and my hands stared shaking and I grow pale and know I’m about to faint so I walk, in what feels like slow motion, out and back downstairs. I’m almost certain I’m going to collapse and fall down that last flight of stairs so I hold on to the bar as tight as I could while my hands are shaking. I’m drained. So drained and thirsty.
    This was, by far, the strongest one for me. I definitely wasn’t scared but for sure physically affected. I’d even like to go back. I think I want to know more, like WHO, WHAT and WHY? I for sure know WHERE! I do think the best thing that I can do next time is pray.

    September 17, 2017 at 10:31 pm Reply

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