Castello Di Montebello- Pggio Torriana, Rimini

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Via Castello di Montebello, 7, 47825 Poggio Torriana RN, Italy

One of the creepiest stories to come out of Italy is about this haunted castle. The Castello di Montebello is located in the municipality of Poggio Torriana, Rimini. The castle is often visited by tourists during the day. It was built in 1000 and there are some parts of the tower that date back to the third century B.C. One side of the castle is from the Renaissance, while the other was a military fortress.

Tours of the castle are given in the daytime, but for those who want a little more, there are plenty of things there that go bump in the night. In fact, one of them is the ghost of a little girl who used to live in the castle with her family. Visitors who dare to go on a nighttime tour will learn all about the darkest moments on the castle grounds.

The Story of Azzurrina

One of the most popular ghost stories to come out of the Castello di Montbello is about a noble young girl who was part of the royal family in the 14th century. She was called Azzurrina, and there are plenty of legends about her from when she was living and now that she is a ghost in the castle.

Azzurrina was born in 1370 to the feudal lord of Montebello. When she was born, it was discovered that she was albino. During those times, when a person was albino, it was seen as a bad omen. Many albinos were burned at the stake and accused of being witches because of their skin. Azzurrina’s mother and father were scared that this would happen to their daughter, so they tried to dye her hair. However, when they did, her hair went blue, and her eyes matched. This is how she got her name meaning the little blue one.

Because of how she looked, there were guards who were always by her side, and they never let her leave the castle.

The Haunting of the Castello di Montebello

While Azzurrina was playing, her guards heard a scream coming from the last place they saw her. They turned around, and she was gone. The rumors suggested that her father may have had her killed because of his career. Other rumors suggest that she was kidnapped and later killed because she was albino. No one ever saw her alive again, but plenty of visitors have seen her ghost.

There have been several investigations into the paranormal activity that has taken place in the castle. A child has been heard laughing here as well as people seeing a ghost of a small girl. There was also a movie made about Azzurrina that was directed by Giacomo Franciosa. The movie was filmed in the castle and according to the cast and crew, there were some incidents that happened during that time.

Azzurrina Trailer

The castle is now a museum and is open to visitors from all over the world. The heritage and history of the castle are all part of its charm, as well as the ghosts.

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