Cedar Grove Inn

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2200 Oak St, Vicksburg, MS 39180, USA

Once owned by a wealthy man and used as a private residence, Cedar Grove Inn is now a hotel that is a popular place for weddings. Many of the couples who married there love knowing that the original owner built the home for his wife and that the two raised their children there. The couple had at least three children who died in the former home, which might explain some of the hauntings.

Those owners, John Klein and his wife Elizabeth, both haunt their former home. Guests sometimes see John sitting in his favorite chair and smoking a pipe or smell the lingering scent of pipe smoke hanging in the air. Others see Elizabeth herself in an old-fashioned dress standing at the foot of the stairs or walking down the stairs.

Many believe that the couple’s children haunt the inn as well. One of their children died during infancy, which explains the sounds of a baby crying that many hear when there are no babies staying there. Both workers and guests saw a little girl on the second floor. Though she sometimes looks confused and worried, she’s often in a good mood and seen playing and running in the halls. Some believe this is the same girl whose grave previous owners moved off the property. Other stories surround the ghost of a woman who committed suicide and men in Civil War era uniforms. Cedar Grove Inn has a gorgeous look, offers southern hospitality and seems content with the ghosts living their after lives there.

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