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Is the Hotel Lenhart Haunted?

Looking for an authentic haunted hotel? It might be time to book a stay at the Hotel Lenhart in Bemus Point, New York. Built in 1880, this haunted hotel has 53 rooms that you can choose from, including small rooms with just one bed and larger rooms with more space for you to spread out and check for ghosts. The hotel opens for business on Memorial Day and accepts reservations through Labor Day.

The history of this real haunt starts back in 1880, which is when the hotel first opened for business. Dr. JJ Lenhart and his wife, Dora Baldwin, opened the hotel as a way to welcome the guests flocking to this small town. A fire swept through the building and caused significant damage in 1890, which led to the owners rebuilding the hotel and restoring it. A second fire did more damage in the 1940s, though no one is quite sure whether the ghost haunting the problem has any connection with either of those fires.

One of the more common complaints about the hotel’s resident ghost is that it likes tugging on the hair and clothing of guests. A former guest claims that something grabbed him so roughly from behind that he thought he might vomit from the pain, but when he turned around, there was no one and nothing close to him. Other guests reported similar experiences and complained about someone grabbing their clothing or tugging on their hair.

Other guests heard doors and window open and close for no reason inside this haunted hotel. While some claim this is just a normal part of staying in a hotel and that guests probably heard doors and windows closing in other rooms, it often occurs inside the rooms they booked. Some guests even saw the windows in their rooms close while they sat or laid in bed, and others had the doors to their rooms open when no one was in the hallway.

The great grandson of the original owner now operate this hotel, along with his wife and sister. Unlike other older hotels that bring in modern amenities, this hotel looks much like it did in its early days. Nearly 20 of the rooms in the hotel do not come with private bathrooms, and all rooms lack amenities like telephones and televisions. Guests won’t find AC or central heat in their rooms either, but they will find hotel workers dressed in authentic Victorian costumes that make them feel like they stepped back in time. Guests can also sign up for a guided tour of the hotel to learn more about the property.

The Hotel Lenhart is a charming hotel in Bemus Point, New York, but there aren’t many stories about this real haunt around. Guests will want to stay here at their own risk.

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One Review

  1. Arleen

    We stayed there years ago (1979) and my sister actually saw a lady in a white flowing gown walk through the hall to her room. My sister isn’t known for being a drama queen, so I believe the place is truly haunted. As far as the Ammenaties, they leave a lot to be desired! It’s quaint.

    August 21, 2018 at 6:24 am Reply

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