Sleep Inn

Sandusky, OH   /   1 Review

5509 Milan Rd, Sandusky, OH 44870, USA

This haunt is in need of information. Why is it here? We've had reports that this location is indeed haunted. Our specter crew has this haunt in processing and will be updating its information shortly. If you have a story related to this location, please share it with us below or contact us.

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One Review

  1. Cassie

    Stayed here for the weekend for a cheerleading competition. We stayed on the 3rd floor which is supposed to be the haunted floor, we get a very erie feeling in the hallway like someone or something is there. We plan to do a spirit box session tomorrow night(Saturday April 17,2021). I did have a strange experience tho, went to get ice from machine and heard the elevator bell ding as if someone was getting in or out of the elevator but nobody got in or off I hurried into the vending area as I had my facemask off but nobody got off or on the elevator. It also sounded like a child was in the hallway talking but did not see anyone. You for sure get a creepy feeling on this floor. Will add another review after we do the spirit box session outside the rooms 324,312 and 317 which are the supposed haunted rooms as well as the entire 3rd floor.

    April 16, 2021 at 9:53 pm Reply

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