The Empress of Little Rock Bed and Breakfast

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2120 S Louisiana St, Little Rock, AR 72206, USA

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The Empress of Little Rock is an elegant bed and breakfast which originally served as a private residence for many years. The Empress of Little Rock is revered as one of the most haunted places in Arkansas and certainly the most haunted bed and breakfast.

Little Rock locals referred to the huge Victorian mansion as the Hornibrook Mansion. The Empress has a rich history and has served as a college for women, a boarding house, a nursing home and even apartments. Newer owners renovated the old home and turned it into one of the most loved inns in the entire state.

Despite its elegance, this bed and breakfast is home to multiple ghosts, including its former owner. Hornibrook himself died while playing a game of cards with friends at the age of just 49. Hornibrook was allegedly so worried that he might die young that he even had a death mask made of himself years before, which now hangs in the hotel. Its current owner believes that the man came to him and pleaded with him to renovate the hotel to its former glory. The owner’s wife also experienced cold spots and felt chills while working in the hotel.

There are a several other ghosts haunting the hotel as well. One ghost is of a former maid who workers sometimes spot standing quietly in rooms on the second floor and disappearing into closets. Others witnessed the ghost of a man in an old-fashioned captain’s outfit standing in the Empress. Guests also hear footsteps coming from empty hallways and the sounds of people talking in rooms that were completely empty for the night. The Empress of Little Rock is a great haunted place for those hoping to catch a glimpse of the paranormal.

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