Top Haunted Houses In Hawaii

Hawaii Top Haunt: Hauntyed Plantation

Not Responsible For Nightmares!

Haunted Plantation Haunted House

Recognized as one of MSN’s Top 20 Haunted Attractions and featured on networks like the SyFy Channel and The Travel Channel, the Haunted Plantation is not for the fainthearted. Not to mention its mention in Buzzfeed, this real-life haunted plantation located in Waipahu has made a name for itself as the most terrifying spot throughout the Hawaiian Islands. The plantation area is teeming with over sixty horrific and monstrous characters, each with a hair-raising agenda for unprepared visitors. If you find yourself anywhere in Hawaii, it’s worth making a detour to experience the Pacific’s most chilling thrill. However, be sure to bring along plenty of companions for moral support – you’ll need them for the post-visit trauma counselling.

FrightFind It: Hauntyed Plantation in Waipahu, HI

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