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In honor of  Major League Baseball’s Opening Day, FrightFind felt it was high time to come up with the Ultimate All Horror Baseball Lineup.  Not sure who these fellas will… Read more »


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  • We’re in for a treat in 2023. Not only do we get 2 Friday the 13ths, but we get one in January and one in October, during… Read more »

    Three Sussex authors … Twelve horror stories. Take a terrifying journey to a coastline associated with candyfloss and amusement arcades, and see it stripped to the bone…. Read more »

    What happens when a poet from the UK becomes a science fiction, horror, steampunk, not for children writer? You get Mark Cassell, the author of The Shadow… Read more »

    The Conjuring’s Real Life Investigators: Ed and Lorraine Warren In the cold winter of 1970, the Perron family purchased a 200-acre country farmhouse in Rhode Island where… Read more »

    We find the giant question mark surrounding American Horror Story’s 6th season theme very fitting when combined with the rumors that it might involve the Lost Colony… Read more »

    He is “the eater of worlds, and of children!” He is the eternal Pennywise and he is coming back after his 27 year slumber. Get the first… Read more »

    Writing this wasn’t easy. After watching this award winning horror short, I really just want to get out of the house. For a 7 minute short, this film… Read more »

    Since it’s that time of year, we wanted to share a few Friday the 13th memes with you. A couple of originals, and a few oldie, but… Read more »

    It’s well known that Friday the 13th is considered a bad luck day in Western culture. But why is Friday the 13th unlucky? As with many superstitions,… Read more »

    When Halloween comes along, there’s no drink more thematic than the Bloody Mary. This iconic combination of tomato juice and vodka has been around for decades, and… Read more »

    The Bloody Mary Legend Considered one of the most macabre adolescent party games, the urban legend of Bloody Mary has been a scary staple for spooking children since its… Read more »

    A story in the Shadow Fabric Mythos by Mark Cassell When a photographer falls he’s going to protect his camera, and when gravity snatches my clumsy arse… Read more »

    It was. Three times its head spun in a sort of hellish and ritualistic practice that survived the dark impositions of the thing. The room was without… Read more »