2015 Top Haunted House in Colorado

FrightFind reviewed haunted houses throughout the nation and is proud to announce its top haunted houses for 2015. We looked for unique experiences, enthusiastic performances, and quality of the scare.

2015’s Top Haunted House in Colorado: Ghouls Gulch

Now in their 12th year, Ghouls Gulch employs a crack team of actors and technicians to create a terrifying world filled with ghouls, goblins, and 3D images that trick your mind as you scramble in fear through the two main attractions, Ghouls Gulch and the new Sanitarium haunted house. It’s a top-notch scare operation. They also sponsor Haunted Brewfest, also in Colorado Springs, a fun event scare seekers will want to check out.

FrightFind It: Ghoul’s Gulch
Colorado Runner Up: Reapers Hollow

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