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Most bed and breakfasts are built with the original intentions of being an inn for weary travelers, however the Beechwood Inn of Cape Cod, Massachusetts originally was not purposed for this. The Beechwood itself was actually a private home residence between 1853 all the way up to 1980. Once sold, it was fashioned into a bed and breakfast to help capitalize on the frequent tourist and vacation industry that was locally popular. For a place that has been open less than forty years, it already has a haunted reputation.

The Haunted Beechwood Inn

The spirits inside the Beechwood is unconventional in their behavior. Light bulbs unscrew from their sockets, while shower curtain rods have been completely removed while guests are in their rooms with absolutely no noise at all. Guests are also frequently locked out of their own rooms, and sometimes objects in their rooms have mysteriously relocated, requiring a small search to find them.

The owners have affectionately taken to calling her “The Mischievous Lady”, after all of the subtle ghostly behavior she puts herself up too. Her spirit has appeared in locations all over the Beechwood’s property and she is said to give off a peculiar white light whenever she manifests. However, few guests have reported hearing a chirpy, “good morning” said to them out of nowhere with nobody around! The owners chalk it up to the spirit living up to her reputation as a lady and guests leave the Beechwood well rested and supernaturally impressed.

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