Desolation Manor

21114 Secretariat Ridge Lane Pflugervile, Texas 78660, USA

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Desolation Manor is Cedar Park’s newest entertainment destination, we are an extreme interactive haunted house and escape room game venue with plans to open in the Fall of 2015.

In addition to the above we offer:
– Onsite special FX for theatrical and LARP groups
– Corporate team building events
– Custom events and parties
– Haunted house design consulting


Built on a site claimed by many to have been haunted for centuries Desolation Manor has come to epitomize the term haunted house. What most don’t know is that before it’s current incarnation something has existed in that spot for as far back as any can remember. Experts believe that the building sits on a site where the veil between our plane of existence meets or overlaps with others. It explains the haunting visions and terrifying sights seen by folks down through history. The house is said to exist across multiple times, multiple dimensions, and is populated by beings from all of them.

Some people just don’t believe in ghosts though, and so they try to come up with rational explanations as to why things happen here that cannot normally be explained. Thus far, however, they have failed. Their claims that its all a hoax satisfy some but not others so people continue to show up looking for a piece of notoriety or fame as they try to decipher the mystery of Desolation Manor.

What kind of person are you? Are you going to help solve the mystery of Desolation Manor? Are you going to help put the souls trapped there to rest? Or are you there to scoff at what is beyond your understanding?

Let us find out.

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