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Well its that time of year again, Haunted in Holum, but who ever said that you need a high budget, theatrically trained staff or Hollywood-style sets to create a haunt that people will go to? Well, Haunted in Holum, located in Holum, Louisiana, is the perfect example of a haunt done out of love for the genre. While not a professional attraction it is built and staffed by our family and volunteers from the community. It all takes place on a wooded acre of land surround by trees with frightening Halloween props, eerie surround sound music, and actors at every turn!
This will be Haunted in Holum’s 14th year creating the haunt! Our family builds the attraction for the entertainment of the people walking through and also for the people working in it. Just a reminder…we have the right to refuse anyone. This is for community to get together and have a nice time.  So, if you are looking for trouble please do not show up because you will be escorted off the property. Please do not run..we understand you get startled, but we have built the haunt for your enjoyment and we would like for it to still be standing the next day. Hope to see everyone on opening night!!! You can find us on facebook at www.facebook.com/haunted.holum for more information.
Below is a list of our rules and regulations and frequently asked questions of the haunt, if you fail to comply with any, you will be escorted of the property!
Disclaimers & Warnings
Haunted in Holum reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone. You will experience intense audio and lighting, extremely low visibility, uneven walkway, strobe lights, fog, damp or wet conditions. You should not participate if you are pregnant, claustrophobic, are prone to seizures, heart or respiratory conditions.
NO photography, video or flashlights or lasers allowed. No smoking, drinking or eating allowed in Haunted in Holum. Do not bring alchohol, drugs, or weapons on the property! No running or touching of the props, and do NOT touch the actors and they will not touch you!
If you violate any of these rules, you may be asked to leave. Enter at your own risk!
Frequently asked questions:
Q: Is it scary?
A: Fear is a relative thing. We make our best effort to get everybody but we also try to make sure that if you don’t get scared you will still have fun. Some advice: If you come into a haunted attraction determined not to get scared, you probably won’t. Relax and enjoy the show, a little fright could be good for you. Also, if you don’t scare easily, bring people with you that do. Half the fun is hearing your friends scream.
Q: If I am in line at closing time will I still get in?
A: Yes. The gate stays open until the advertised time. The attraction stays open until all ticket holders have gone through the haunt.
Q: Will I be touched?
A: While the inhabitants of the attraction will not purposely grab the patrons, you may encounter more subtly or indirect touch, or accidental contact in the darker areas. There are moving props and animatronics that you will most likely come in contact with.
Q: Should I bring my kids?
A: While our attraction is not recommended for small children, we leave this decision to the parent or guardian. Keep in mind that we do not tone down the show if a child is in your group. We do not allow children to be forced to enter the attraction against their will. Children under ten must be accompanied by an adult.
Q: I have a health condition. Should I go through the attractions?
A: Participation at Haunted in Holum is not recommended for those who have heart conditions, are pregnant, have asthma, are epileptic, or have other physical conditions that could be aggravated by a frightening environment.
Q: What if I get too scared to finish going through the attraction?
A: Security personal will escort you out if you get too scared to continue.
If you have a question..please feel free to message us on facebook.

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