Historic Occidental Hotel

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10 N Main St, Buffalo, WY 82834, USA

The Historic Occidental Hotel in Buffalo, Wy

If the lore of the Old West appeals to you, then you’ll want to stop by this one-time combination hotel, saloon, and bordello dating to the 1880s. Guests and employees have reported seeing the ghostly presence of the daughter of a prostitute who met her maker on the hotel’s upper floor.

The ghostly dark-haired woman, described as wearing a white dress, is known for her interactions with guests, sometimes offering shoulder taps. Ghosts of outlaws and gold miners who once frequented the hotel may be partly responsible for strange lights seen from the unoccupied upper floor rooms. Many visitors have reported faint echoes of ghostly laughter from the unoccupied floor.

Hotel workers recount paranormal stories. Objects moving with no”body” there. Some employees were even frightened enough to find new jobs. The piano has been reported to occasionally make a little noise on its own. The Historic Occidental Hotel is a beautiful location with a rich history, ornate decor, and a great atmosphere. The paranormal activity and ghostly history make the stay even more interesting.

The Ghost of Emily

Other stories suggest the ghost of a child named Emily who haunts the hotel. She reportedly died of cholera in the 1900s. In the room Emily died, stuffed animals are left for the young spirit as an homage to the child and to lift her “spirits.” Guests have reported light shoulder taps and pinches from time to time. Children even write the ghost of Emily letters and notes sometimes the notes suggest that they kids had played together. Children reportedly have heard balls bouncing and even playing hide and seek with the ghost.

Haunted Rooms and Reported Activity in the Historic Occidental Hotel

  • The Herbert Hoover Room – The faint smell of perfume has been reported in the Herbert Hoover room, yet nobody in the room was wearing any scents.
  • The Haunted Saloon and Bar – Many odd reports in the saloon can make an evening of libation more interesting indeed. Read below.
  • The Prairie Cowboy Room –The Prairie Cowboy Room is said to have the most paranormal reports. This room has reported visible entities whooshing by in the late night hours.
  • Room 56 – There have been reports of a heavy iron moving across the floor.
  • Haunted Piano – The piano keys have reportedly played a few chords from time to time. Perhaps you might request an old tune?

Haunted Saloon in the Historic Occidental

The bartenders have reported whiskey bottles flying off the shelves or wine bottle corks popping off randomly. Glasses occasionally break while someone is trying to pour into them. On Fridays there is a bluegrass musician session that is said to rile up the activity in the hotel at times.

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2 Reviews

  1. Etta

    My husband and I stopped here after going camping to grab some dinner for our anniversary. Walking into the saloon, I stopped immediately over the threshold, brow furrowed. It was not a bad feeling, but I was hit with overwhelming energy like things were bustling around me – but there was one person at the bar and the bar tender. Something doesn’t usually stop me in the tracks like that. The person sitting at the bar looked at me and his eyes lit up, he goes “you feel it too!”… pretty cool place all around and great history.

    August 20, 2021 at 6:39 pm Reply
  2. Gail L Farley

    I loved the Occidental! We stayed one night and was one of the only couples there. We definitely felt a presence.. Not alarming or scary just historical and wonderful. Beautiful rooms great food and would love to go back. I think I will. Gail Farley Mt. Juliet, Tn.

    January 19, 2023 at 4:22 pm Reply

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